How does it work?

Find a project that means something to you, make a donation, and receive on-going updates from the researcher. It’s that simple.

What does Consano mean?

Consano means “to heal” in Latin. Since medical terminology is firmly rooted in Latin, we felt it would be appropriate to name our organization with a Latin word that was both meaningful and memorable.

What is Consano?

Consano is a non-profit crowd-funding website that enables individual people to drive medical research. The site connects individuals directly to medical researchers from a variety of academic institutions, empowering them to advance progress in health issues that are of personal interest to them. Consano also creates a unique relationship between researchers and donors that continues throughout the life-cycle of the research project via quarterly communication.

How are Consano projects sourced?

Consano works closely with the development office at each university or research institution to ensure only top quality projects are submitted to Consano. Projects come from one of the following four sources: 

  1. Well-funded, well-published researchers with a compelling new project
  2. Intra-university seed money competition winners (peer reviewed projects)
  3. Ongoing or already funded projects with additional financial needs (bridge funding)
  4. Unfunded but promising projects that fell just below the NIH payline (peer reviewed)

Will I receive updates about the projects I have funded?

Yes. We require each researcher who posts a project on Consano to provide a minimum of quarterly updates to their donors. Some researchers may choose to maintain even more frequent contact with their donors. All project updates will be logged on the project page, in the Consano blog, and links will be posted on our Facebook page.

How will my donation be used?

Project funds raised via Consano may be used to pay research assistants, purchase laboratory supplies, or even to pay clinical trial medical volunteers. Researchers will specifically describe how all funds raised via Consano will be used.

Can a project raise money beyond its goal?

Yes. If a project surpasses its budget goal, we will keep the project on the active list as long as the researcher provides updates demonstrating the need and uses for any additional funds raised beyond their initial goal.

Is there minimum donation amount?

No. There are millions of people who are touched by medical illness, but feel unable to make a significant financial contribution to help advance research. Using Consano, however, any patient or friend or family member touched by an illness can select a project and provide meaningful support with as little as $10. By harnessing the power of the crowd, we can turn hundreds of small donations into an amount large enough to enable a research project to move forward. 

Do any projects use animal testing?

Many medical research projects utilize animal models to test novel therapies. Among Consano’s projects, there are some that involve animals, but there are others that do not. For those projects that do, we require each institution to provide proof that their internal animal review board has approved the use of animals in the project. Our goal is to maintain complete transparency so you feel confident in the research you are supporting.

What happens if a project does not hit its funding goal?

Most research projects require funding from multiple sources to complete a project. We believe Consano will become an important part of that funding puzzle. As a result, as long as the project will go forward regardless of whether funds are raised via the Consano platform, the researcher will keep any funds raised and donors will still receive ongoing updates from the researcher they have supported.

How does Consano ensure project quality?

Every project is internally prescreened by the research institution’s development office prior to project submission. In addition, Consano has recruited a volunteer Scientific Advisory Board (SAB), comprised of physicians and research scientists in a variety of medical fields along with patient and research advocates. Members of the SAB are assigned projects based upon their area of professional expertise. They evaluate each project’s detailed scientific abstract, researcher CV, letters of support from their department and administration, as well as any institutional review board documentation (human subjects committee, animal care, etc.). The purpose of this review is to ensure that each project listed on Consano is legitimate, relevant, easily understood, and has the potential to lead to improvements in patient care. Through this vetting process, donors can have confidence that their money will be funding a quality research project.

What is an Honor Fund?

An Honor Fund is a personal fundraising page. You can share your family’s story and rally your community in honor or in memory of your loved one without spending the time or money required to start your own foundation.

Who decides which researcher is supported with the money raised via Honor Funds?

You! That is the main purpose of Honor Funds, to give you control over the legacy you create with your family’s story and to give you control over where the money you raise goes.

How do I start an Honor Fund?

It’s easy! Just click here to get started!

What if I don't have a specific researcher in mind to support with my Honor Fund?

No problem! Team Consano will help you find a researcher that matches with your family’s priorities. We’ve created some amazing relationships within the research community at leading academic institutions since our inception, and we will use this community to help match you with the research that matters to your family.

Why should I start an Honor Fund?

We hope an Honor Fund gives you the opportunity to share your family’s story so that your community can rally behind you. Even if your fundraising goal is small, people are often looking for ways to support your in your experience. Sometimes that means bringing a meal by, babysitting your children, helping you get through the daily struggle that is living with illness, and we hope that supporting you via Honor Funds is another tool for your community. Starting a family foundation can be time consuming and expensive, and our hope is that Honor Funds is an easy way to create and control your legacy (or that of your loved one) even if you don’t have the time or money to start your own foundation.

How do I know my money will go directly to the project I want to support?

Consano has established relationships with multiple universities, and through their development offices, funds will be directly transferred to the researcher to fund the specific project listed on Consano. Through the life-cycle of the research project, each researcher will provide updates that will detail progress made on the project, providing further evidence that your donation has been used appropriately.

Does 100% of my donation go to the project I choose to fund?

Yes. Consano does not take any percentage from your donation to a specific research project. We even cover the payment processing fees!

Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes! Consano is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and is qualified to receive tax deductible bequests, devises, transfers or gifts under section 2055, 2106 or 2522 of the Internal Revenue Code. Our Employer Identification Number (EIN) is 46-0745383. We encourage you to check with your employer to see if they will match your donation.

Will any of my donation be funding indirect research costs?

It takes roughly $1.50 to finance every $1 of research. These “indirect costs,” otherwise known as university overhead, are unavoidable and quite frankly, are part of the cost of doing research. All research projects are conducted in a lab or clinic or hospital, all of which need to pay for utilities, physical space or rent, and support staff. Each university has different rules regarding the logistics of grants/gifts/and other philanthropic support for research. We work closely with these development offices to ensure the funds raised via Consano will directly support the project posted.

Why should I donate to support Consano directly?

In order to maximize the impact of your project donation, 100% goes to the research project you have decided to support. Consano will not keep any percentage of your donation to pay for our overhead. We fund our overhead through corporate partnerships, foundation grants and personal donations. Any donations made directly to Consano will be used to pay for the following:

  • Website hosting, development, and maintenance
  • Outreach to source new projects and get the Consano message out more broadly
  • Salaries for our core employees (who are so passionate about our mission, they are currently working for free)

How do I know my donation is securely processed?

Consano does not see, store nor process any payment information internally. We have integrated PayPal’s secure payment processing software into our website, providing you with the utmost in security. 

Can I use a check to donate?

Yes. Fill out this form and send it with your check to Consano at: PO Box 25529, Portland, OR 97298. 

Please contact us at so that we can set up a donor account for you and ensure that you receive ongoing researcher updates or to discuss any other specifics.

How do I donate in honor of someone?

After you select the project you would like to support, you are given the option in the check-out process to donate in honor of someone. You will be prompted to enter the person’s name and email address, and they will receive an email which notifies them of your donation. In addition, you can “share” the project on your social media pages to let your friends and family know about the project you have supported in honor of someone. You can also look at our newest program, Honor Funds, which are personal fundraising pages for families touched by a health issue, to see if that is a good fundraising option in honor of your loved one.

How do I donate in memory of someone?

After you select the project you would like to support, you are given the option in the check-out process to donate in memory of someone. You will be prompted to enter the name of the person you are donating in memory of as well as the name and email address of the person you would like to receive the notification of your donation. In addition, you can “share” the project on your social media pages to let your friends and family know about the project you have supported in memory of someone. You can also look at our newest program, Honor Funds, which are personal fundraising pages for families touched by a health issue, to see if that is a good fundraising option in memory of your loved one.

How do I apply?

Email us at with your name, academic/research institution affiliation, health category and development office contact. All applications must be coordinated through each institution’s development office or research administration office. You will be issued a researcher login and password. All application information will be submitted through this portal.

How long does the approval process take?

Not long. Once your application has been completed, members of the Scientific Advisory Board will review your project. Their comments will be received within a week. Any suggestions for improvement or changes to your application will be communicated to you directly. Once the application has been approved by the SAB and all logistics have been worked out with your institution, we will add your project to our list of active projects. This process can be as short as 2-3 weeks if there are few items for revision, all pictures and supporting documents are submitted quickly, and the funding logistics have been resolved with your institution.

Do I have to work at a university to be eligible?

No. We are open to sourcing top quality research projects from various locations. While many projects are conducted at universities, we recognize the increasing volume of impressive medical research being conducted at other private, nonprofit, and government supported non-university research institutions. Please contact us at to explore a partnership.

What is an ideal Consano project?

Ideal projects for Consano focus on issues that resonate with patients, are easy to explain to a non-medical audience, have clearly defined objectives and outcomes, and can be directly translated into improvements in future patient care.

Does Consano limit the amount a project can fundraise?

No. Fundraising goals are set by each researcher based upon their assessment of the financial needs for their specific project. Some projects may have one fundraising goal while others may have multiple step goals. We advise setting realistic fundraising goals to ensure a successful campaign. Once a project reaches its funding goal, funds will be transferred from Consano to the researcher’s institution, and will be directed to the specific project that has been successfully funded.

How long is each project listed on the site?

Each project will be listed on the Consano website for two months. Campaign length may be adjusted as new projects are launched.