Getting Started

  1. Browse the list of vetted projects.
  2. Find the project that means something to you.
  3. Donate any amount directly to that project.
  4. Receive quarterly updates from the researcher through the lifecycle of the project.

It’s that simple. 100% of your donation will go directly to support that project.

What are the basics?

Consano is a platform that enables you to donate any amount (small or large!) directly to a medical research project that matters to you. Usually medical research is paid for by large grants from government or other large funding institutions. Consano is part of a new movement to connect individuals directly to specific medical research projects. By harnessing the power of a crowd, we aggregate donations so the public can directly choose and support high quality medical research, pooling their money with others who care about the same health issues.

The Consano platform is:

Transparent: 100% of your donation goes directly to support the project of your choice. Consano funds its overhead from corporate partnerships, foundation grants, and private donations. You can feel confident that your money is being spent exactly where you intended.

Directed: You have the power to direct your donation to the project that resonates with you.

Connected: Stay informed throughout the lifecycle of your project via regular updates from the researcher. See why others choose to support medical research on our Stories page. Learn about new advances in the health issues that matter to you through articles and discussions posted on our Blog. As we accept new projects, revisit Consano and see how other important projects are looking to advance medical progress.

How are projects sourced?

Consano collaborates with development and research administration offices at a variety of research institutions to source high quality and internally reviewed research projects from the following areas:

  1. Well-funded, well-published researchers with a compelling new project. These researchers know what they’re doing and have a proven track record of excellence.
  2. Intra-university seed money competition winners (peer reviewed projects). These researchers might be newer on the scene, just beginning their careers and have come up with a novel idea to explore.
  3. Ongoing or previously funded projects with additional financial needs (bridge funding). We all need a little help to bridge the gap every now and then, eh?
  4. Unfunded but promising projects that fell just below the National Cancer Institute (NCI) payline. The NCI has very rigorous standards, but the number of projects that are funded continues to shrink. In 2016, only 13% of projects submitted to the NCI were funded (down from 33% in 1997). We believe there are a lot of good ideas on the cusp of receiving funding that deserve a chance.

Once a project has been submitted, it is reviewed by members of Consano’s volunteer Scientific Advisory Board, who ensure the project is legitimate, easily understood, relevant, and has the potential to lead to improvements in patient care.