Molly’s Story

I grew up knowing that my Grandma Caroline passed away from breast cancer at the age of 46. She died six months after the death of my grandfather from esophageal cancer in 1955, orphaning my dad at the age of eight. That is why, when I felt a lump during a self exam, I knew I had to check it out even though I kept telling myself that “it is probably nothing.” When a breast ultrasound led to a mammogram, which led to an immediate breast biopsy, it became apparent that my lump was highly suspect. 

I was in a fog as I walked from exam room to exam room. When I finally found my voice again, I looked at the radiologist and asked, “What are we thinking here?” She looked me straight in the eye and responded, “We strongly suspect that this could be cancer.” Cancer. The weight of that word crushed me. And my life changed forever.

I am so grateful for the medical advances that have occurred since my grandmother was taken by breast cancer, but I want things to be even better for my own daughters. When I couldn’t find an easy way to direct my donation to specific medical research projects that might help my girls, the idea for Consano was born. I hope that Consano provides an easy way to donate directly to a specific medical research project that matters to you and keeps you connected to that research. We are all touched by illness, and Consano aims to make it easy to join forces and make a difference.


I hope that my daughters never have to face breast cancer.


I honor my Grandma Caroline, a woman I never had the chance to meet, but whose breast cancer story empowered me to take control of my own health, likely saving my life. 


Creating Consano has helped me channel one of the worst times of my life into a way to empower others going through health issues. This has had an immeasurable impact on my own healing.

“I hope that my daughters never have to face breast cancer.”
— Molly Lindquist, Consano Founder