Often when we go through health crises, we feel alone. By sharing your story, you are not only providing a call-to-action for your community, but showing others that they are not alone in their experiences. We are continually inspired by the stories people share and channel into a force for change.

Is there someone you know who has courageously shared their story, inspiring you and impacting your life? Nominate them for the Consano Ripples of Hope Award. We will present the award during our Consano PDX Portland event this October 21st.

Our inaugural winner was The Kalanithi Family. Dr. Paul Kalanithi, author of the The New York Times bestselling book “When Breath Becomes Air,” has impacted so many as he honestly grappled with the uncertainty of time and how to live — and die — well. Paul’s legacy lives on in his adorable daughter Cady and also in the words that have meant so much to so many. Dr. Lucy Kalanithi attend the event last year to accept the award on behalf of her family, and signed copies of “When Breath Becomes Air.”

We are excited to honor another amazing person or family at this year’s event. Nominate your inspiration now! Nominations close at midnight on April 30th. 

10/21/17! Consano PDX 2017 is already in the works! Get ready for a night of great food, company and inspiration. We will be taking your nominations for our “Ripples of Hope” award, too. This year’s recipient will follow in the footsteps of our inaugural winners Paul, Cady & Lucy Goddard Kalanithi. If you or your company would like to get involved, email us at info@consano.org. This event generates the majority of our operating income for the entire year — you make it possible! So save the date and help us spread the word! #HealItForward

Karen Holman is a punk rocker, radio DJ, a researcher and chemistry professor at Willamette University in Salem, Oregon. Check out her recent TedX Salem talk about the discovery of metal-based anti-cancer drugs. She hopes to make the science behind this discovery approachable for audiences of all backgrounds, to learn about the barriers medical science face in becoming accessible to patients, and become energized about scientific discovery and innovation. Special thank you for the Consano call out about the way crowdfunding is helping to shift the funding paradigm for medical research and enabling anyone to help advance science.

A global event taking place every year on February 4th, World Cancer Day unites the world’s population in the fight against cancer.

In honor of #WorldCancerDay, here are some ways you can help advance cancer research with us:

  1. Support a cancer research crowdfunding project. Donate any amount (small or large) and receive ongoing updates from the researcher about the progress of the project.
  2. Start an Honor Fund to raise money for cancer research that matters to you without the time and money required to start your own foundation. If you don’t know which researcher or lab to support, Team Consano will help you find one!
  3. Support our general cancer research fund, The #WorldCancerDay Hope Fund. 100% of this fund will directly support vetted cancer research projects.

Let’s #HealItForward together!

This story is about a little boy named Calvin, a boy who inspired his community to donate $25,000 to support the creation of a research framework that will allow his family, his physicians, his patient cohort, research scientists and his community to come together to help make things better for him. Calvin was diagnosed with Bloom Syndrome this past Spring, a rare genetic disorder associated with short stature, early childhood nutrition challenges, a sun-sensitive rash, and an extraordinarily high risk of developing cancer (or diabetes) early in life. His parents, both scientists themselves, were devastated not only by his diagnosis, but by the fact that despite their extensive scientific training, they did not have the expertise to save their son’s life. 

Calvin’s mom Mary Beth: “There is nothing in the world so overwhelming as a mother’s love for her child. When Calvin was diagnosed with Bloom Syndrome, I felt a range of emotions: shock and disbelief that he could have something so rare, guilt that he had inherited my faulty genes, and an all-encompassing sense of dread knowing that someday (perhaps someday soon) he will develop cancer and that this cancer may be his killer. In the months since his diagnosis, however, another emotion has emerged: hope. Hope that there may be a cure – either for Bloom Syndrome itself or for the cancers that will one day emerge in Calvin’s body – and hope for a better understanding of Bloom Syndrome and the needs of Bloomies in order to lead happy, healthy lives.”

Calvin’s community stepped up to the plate. In a mere two weeks, a Consano record, this crowdfunding project was fully funded! $25,000 dollars was raised to help launch The Bloom Syndrome Nano-Course at the Children’s Cancer Therapy Development Institute. This course will bring together patients, families, physicians, and researchers for five days to discuss issues of cancer surveillance, cancer treatment, growth, dermatology, psychological development, and potential gene therapies. The output of the Nano-course will be a peer-reviewed roadmap for Bloom Syndrome research and clinical care guidelines. The published manuscript will then be available in the scientific literature for citation by those seeking support and publication of research addressing the needs outlined in the roadmap. 

This special little boy has started a movement of hope, healing and love. Calvin’s story will help countless others and is a wonderful example of the power of a community to heal it forward.

To read the full Geekwire article, click here:

When Molly Lindquist was struck with breast cancer five years ago, it was a terrifying experience. And it was agonizingly frustrating.

“You lose control of your body — my cells went rouge,” she said. “I wanted to bring some control into my story.”

So after successfully battling the disease through intensive surgery and chemotherapy, Lindquist felt driven to support cancer research and treatment to help others and hopefully prevent the illness from ever striking her two young daughters. She considered donating to different foundations and institutions, but came up dissatisfied with her options.

“I wanted this connection and stewardship with researchers,” she said. “I didn’t find the transparency or control to designate where the donation would go.”

Molly Lindquist, founder and CEO of Portland-based Consano. Lindquist wished there was a medicine-focused outlet for crowd-funding — a site like Kickstarter or the nonprofit Kiva, which provides small loans to borrowers who struggle to get support for their projects. She began investigating the grant-making process and funding for disease research.

In August 2012, the Portland mom, who has a background in business strategy and economics, founded Consano, which is Latin for “to heal.” The nonprofit and website act something like Match.com for doctors and donors, connecting patients and their families to healthcare researchers and providers.

Consano has raised $900,000 so far, helping support some 40 different research projects addressing dozens of diseases, including multiple forms of cancer, still births and miscarriages, diabetes and mental health issues.

The nonprofit pays its overhead costs through separate fundraising, so all of the money contributed to research and treatment goes directly to those efforts (less the processing fee charged by PayPal).

To read the full Geekwire article, click here:

There are still a few days left to sneak in that end-of-year donation! FYI, Consano is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, and our employer ID number (EIN) is 46-0745383 (just in case you need it for tax deduction purposes!). Here are some ways to give at www.consano.org:

  1. Donate to a research project which has the potential to lead to improved treatments and outcomes for patients.
  2. Support a friend or family member’s Honor Fund.
  3. Start your own Honor Fund in honor or in memory of a loved one.
  4. Donate to The Hope Fund, our general fund that supports research in a variety of health categories.
  5. Donate to the Consano platform to help us continue to direct 100% of research donations to the research that matters to you.

Thank you for all of your very generous support in 2016! Recap of the year coming soon…

#GivingTuesday with our friends at Threads Worldwide!

As many of you know, #GivingTuesday is the Tuesday after Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It is a day to kick-start the gift of giving during the holiday seasons. This year, in addition to supporting a research project or Honor Fund, you can also buy “gifts with impact” for your family.

When you make a purchase with Threads Worldwide between November 25th and 29th, 20% of your purchase will be donated to Consano! Threads Worldwide creates life changing work for women around the world through the fair trade of handmade artisan jewelry and accessories. Creating opportunities for women is the most effective way to eradicate poverty, build thriving communities and connect our world. The holidays are a great time to shop for items that have meaning behind them and that are helping others. Not only will you be helping Thread’s artisan partners who make the beautiful jewelry and accessories, but you will be benefiting Consano, too! To shop, go to: www.staceystefanelli.threadsworldwide.com

To ensure that Consano receives the 20% donation from your purchase, please send an email to staceyjgill@hotmail.com saying that you placed your order. Threads will be having sales on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Fair Trade Tuesday, so watch for great deals during those days. And thank you in advanced for supporting Consano to get our “Season of Giving” this #GivingTuesday off to a fantastic start

We are incredibly excited to work with Intel’s High Performance Computing Group and the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute to fuel precision medicine for more advanced cancer patients! Intel is donating $25,000 to the FACTS Honor Fund, started by Intel’s Health and Life Sciences global marketing director, Bryce Olson, who was diagnosed with a very aggressive prostate cancer. Bryce turned to molecular testing to find the mutated pathway in his cancer. In partnership with his doctor, Bryce found and qualified for a clinical trial that was targeting his mutated pathway and is 6+ months past the 21 months he was given to live! 

There are many of us missing loved ones this holiday season, taken too soon from cancer. We want to help fuel more outcomes like Bryce’s, to give more families another holiday with their loved ones! Take a look at Bryce’s FACTS Honor Fund here. Intel also put a blog together about the work they are doing in high performance computing (HPC) and artificial intelligence (AI), which are fueling a revolutionary era of computational biomedicine, predictive biology, and personalized healthcare. Big thank you to Intel for pushing the envelope in cancer research as well as giving back to cancer patients! 



As you have probably noticed, consano.org looks a little bit different! Since our launch in March of 2013, we have learned a lot and continued to evolve our platform to make it more useful for each of you. And by you, I mean:

  1. Researchers who use Consano to raise funds for their innovative work and to connect with people who are deeply invested in their work.
  2. Patients who want more transparency and control over their donations to medical research. YOU give, YOU decide!
  3. Families who have lost a loved one and create and Honor Fund to share their family’s story, rally their community to support medical research and create a legacy of love in memory of their loved one.

Consano means “to heal” in Latin, so we are launching our new campaign #DonateToHeal in time for this holiday season. Healing comes in many forms and as a result, Consano has evolved to give you many ways to get involved and “heal it forward”: 

  • Donate to a research project which has the potential to lead to improved treatments and outcomes for patients, literally healing people.
  • Support a friend or family member’s Honor Fund to 1) help them fund research that matters to their family and 2) support their emotional healing by showing them that you are on their team.
  • Start your own Honor Fund in honor or in memory of a loved one, helping to start your own healing by sharing your story while simultaneously showing others that they are not alone in their experiences.
  • Donate to our Hope Fund, our general fund that supports research in a variety of health categories.
  • Donate to the Consano platform to help us continue to direct 100% of research donations to the research that matters to you.
  • Share Consano with researchers or physicians who have helped in your own healing process as another tool to help them fund their research.
  • Share Consano with your friends or family members who have been touched by a health issue and are looking for ways to pay it forward.

Thank you for your continued belief in our mission! We couldn’t do this without all of you so please continue to help us spread the word.

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