Like many people, I thought little of lung cancer until just a few months ago.

My journey with lung cancer started with a nagging cough, a series of chest colds, and a return of my childhood asthma that did not improve despite several prescriptions.

Then, one afternoon in late May, I got the devastating news that I had lung cancer. As a healthy, non-smoking mother of three small children, this did not seem possible. It had spread to my spine, ribs, hip, and liver, making me Stage IV. The prognosis is not good, but so far the chemo is working to shrink the tumors, buying me more time.

For me, this extra time means that I got to see my son turn five, and attend his first day of kindergarten. I had the gift of watching my two-year-old twin girls master the art of riding the tricycle. I have gone on picnics, movie dates with my husband, and family bowling trips, joys that I once took for granted.

The hope for me lies in the next big medical breakthrough in lung cancer. I am optimistic that it is coming.

So, the next time you laugh with a friend, sigh at a sunset, or blow out a birthday candle, pause in honor of the lungs that let you do those things.

And make sure others get the chance to take their next breath.


To read more of Tori’s story visit her blog.

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(Photo courtesy of: Edda Photography)

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