We hope you can join us on Saturday, February 8th, 7pm at the Portland Art Museum for Consano PDX!

The theme this year is “the future is now” so put on your favorite “futuristic” attire and celebrate the scientific strides that have been made and the exciting things to come! Get ready to be inspired by our 2020 Ripples of Hope Winner, Dr. Alex Butler. We will also be presenting a check to the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute’s Multiple Myeloma researchers Dr. Rebecca Silbermann & Dr. Eva Medvedova in honor of our 2019 Ripples of Hope award winner, Tom Brokaw.


Meet our 2020 Ripples of Hope Award Winner, Dr. Alexandra Butler

Alex is a mom, wife, daughter and pediatric hospitalist in Portland, Oregon who embodies the Consano mission to heal it forward! Her interest in medicine was sparked initially as being a patient: she was born with congenital heart disease, and required life-saving surgery in infancy. As a young patient, she recalls mostly being afraid of doctor’s offices, procedures, and everything medical, but as she got older and was able to understand more, something clicked— the fear she had felt as a child was due to her not being able to understand what was going on, and once she had more knowledge, things weren’t nearly as scary. She was inspired to help other sick children understand their diagnoses in ways that were developmentally appropriate, to better allay the natural fear that comes with an illness.

In 2019, after almost 10 years of a successful medical career, Alexandra became a patient once again. She has been diagnosed with an extremely rare type of brain cancer, anaplastic oligodendroglioma. There is currently no cure for her cancer, and because it is so rare, most of the medical research has been geared toward other types of brain cancers, which are more common, and faster growing. Without knowledge, there is fear— and Alexandra is motivated to help herself and other people with this diagnosis be able to increase their knowledge, to be able to conquer their fears, through increasing medical research on her disease. We couldn’t be more excited and proud to present Alex with the 2020 Ripples of Hope Award!Can’t attend the event, but want to support Alex’s Honor Fund, click here!

Not sure what to wear? Here’s some “futuristic” inspiration!

Think Galaxy: use metallics, LED clothing, stars and sparkles. Or 1960’s “moon landing” glam. Or just come in your favorite cocktail attire. We are excited to see you no matter what you wear!


Big thank you to our returning presenting sponsor: Oregon Anesthesiology Group

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