How is it August already?! The summer is flying by, which means our October 1st Portland event is just around the corner. First things first, you can buy tickets and sponsorships here:

I’m particularly excited for the event as this year we are giving out our inaugural “Ripples of Hope” award, which honors an individual or family who has shared their story to impact countless others and make us feel like we aren’t alone in our own experience.

We are beyond thrilled to present the “Ripples of Hope” award this year to the amazing Kalanithi Family. To paraphrase Abraham Verghese’s introduction to Dr. Paul Kalanithi’s book When Breath Becomes Air, “to read this book is to feel that Dr. Kalanithi still lives, with enormous power to influence the lives of others even though he is gone.” This perfectly sums up the power of Paul, Lucy and Cady’s story. In sharing their experience with Paul’s lung cancer diagnosis, the contemplation of the uncertainty of time and what constitutes a meaningful life, the Kalanithi Family has made an immeasurable impact on countless lives.

Not only did Lucy write the incredibly moving epilogue to Paul’s book, but she continues to share Paul’s story as a writer, speaker and physician. She has been featured in countless publications including the New York Times, Elle, People and has been interviewed by Katie Couric and Charlie Rose among others. We are honored to have her in attendance at Consano PDX to accept this award. To hear more about Paul’s story, take a look at this beautiful video (nominated for an Emmy!) put together by Stanford Medicine.

Join us on Saturday, October 1st at Pure Space in Portland to celebrate the power of stories.

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