After my breast cancer diagnosis in 2011, my life catapulted from life “BC” to “New Normal.” In talking with other patients and families, I’ve found that it’s difficult not to be changed by facing down time and mortality. However, few people I’ve met have taken this “new normal” to the extreme of Andy Woods, our 2017 “Ripples of Hope” award winner.

When Andrew Woods’ oldest daughter was diagnosed with an aggressive form of childhood kidney cancer at the age of 4, he didn’t realize that his mission to save Stellablue would lead him down a new path in life. “It became my personal mission to attempt to provide more-promising treatment options, not only for my daughter, but also for any child suffering with a rare cancer.” Andrew, a contractor by trade, decided to shift his professional focus to cancer research and after a summer internship with Dr. Charles Keller at the Children’s Cancer Therapy Development Institute, moved with his family to Portland to work full time in the lab. Andy used Consano’s platform to raise the seed funding for his early research which then led to two large grants that continue to support his work.

Andy continues to inspire us with his work to help kids like Stella fighting rare cancers. Thanks for healing it forward, Andy! You can support Andy’s crowdfunding project here.

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