We received a great update from Dr. Elizabeth Swisher of University of Washington Medicine about how she put the first $10,000 she raised on Consano to work:

You did it. We received $10,000 from Consano and went straight to work. We have analyzed 60 non serous ovarian cancers for 45 genes. We found that contrary to accepted dogma, non serous ovarian cancers are just as likely to be caused by inherited mutations in ovarian cancer genes as serous cancers. Some authors have advocated that genetic testing should be offered only to women with high grade serous ovarian cancer. This is wrong! Our data supports current recommendations to offer genetic testing to all women with invasive (i.e, not borderline) ovarian cancer.

Dr. Swisher also talks about how she and her team are using this information going forward:

  • We are collaborating with researchers at the Mayo Clinic to analyze more non serous ovarian cancers.
  • We are testing new genes that may be ovarian cancer genes.
  • We are working with patient advocacy groups and professional societies to establish a new standard of care for genetic testing for ovarian cancer risk.

It is these updates that give you visibility to the impact of your donation. Things are getting done! And this just reinforces the fact that together, we are stronger. If you’d like too support Dr. Swisher’s ovarian cancer research or read her full update, visit her project page

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