It’s been a big week here at Consano headquarters. You all have probably seen my plethora of social media posts, but we got a couple of big press mentions this week… and both were unsolicited! The first came in Nature Medicine, one of the most well respected scientific journals. You can see the article here: 

“In new crowdfunding trend, donors decide fate of clinical trials”

And last Saturday morning, I received a text from one of our board members who saw Consano called-out in an article on crowdfunding medicine as she flipped through her TIME magazine! I will call that text, one of the best surprises I’ve received. If you are a TIME subscriber, you can see that article here:

“Medicine’s New Crowdfunding Model”

I’m working on getting permission to post the article for your non-subscribers. It is beyond exciting for us to see the word getting out, and we continue to be so grateful to you all for spreading the word. People are starting to notice, which means we can help fund even more awesome, innovative research. We can work together to make things better for the people we love who are living with chronic illness. We can honor the legacy of those who have been taken too soon. This makes my heart want to burst with gratitude on this Valentine’s Day! I am sending you all so much love!

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