I’ve always been in the camp of celebrating any and every milestone. Good ‘ol breast cancer has given me quite a few new milestones to celebrate. October 11th is the day that my world was turned upside down with my diagnosis. October 28th is the day that I went “out with the old” or “off with their heads” and had my bilateral mastectomy. December 6th was my first day of chemotherapy. February 7th was my last day of chemo. March 23rd was my implant swap surgery. And while sometimes the commemoration of milestones isn’t done with an actual celebration, I always take time to reflect where I was then compared to where I am now. And appreciate that where I am now is always subject to change in a heartbeat.Now there is a new milestone to add to the mix. March 27th, the day www.consano.org went live! It’s hard to believe that this idea bloomed last May at a barbeque. Last Summer was spent contacting researchers and academic institutions to see whether they had heard of anything like this. Would this be an interesting way to fundraise? Would this be a way for those impacted by disease to connect with research that matters to them?

Last Fall was spent ironing out the details of the website. How would it look? How could we best communicate the stories of those impacted by these diseases? How would we start to get the word about this new way of donating to medical research?  Lots of coffee meetings, input, suggestions and mostly, lots of energy – good, positive, constructive energy – was put toward turning the idea of Consano into a reality.

Winter was spent building the website, making sure that the vision in our heads was reflected for all to see on the wonderful world wide web. I began to realize that the seamless checkout processes that I’d taken for granted in all of my personal ecommerce transactions were as a result of a very complicated behind-the-scenes infrastructure. There were many “Who knew?!” moments for me throughout this process, but as I began to see Consano come to life, I felt such excitement and hope.

We have been “live” for one month as of today. We have raised $20,632 dollars toward our seven medical research projects. We have seven researchers from three academic institutions who were willing to take a risk on this new platform and involve the public in their research earlier in the process. 173 individuals have made a donation. And in my view, the sky is the limit! I want to thank you all for your support and for your belief in this idea. “Together we are stronger” has never meant more to me. I am so grateful. And now it is time to go celebrate Consano’s one month birthday! 

Hope. Honor. Heal.

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