After seeing so many donations coming into projects in honor and in memory of loved ones, we knew that we needed a better tool to enable people to share their stories and rally their communities to directly support medical research that matters to them. We thought of this idea as a great first step toward patient-driven research. So at our 2014 Consano event, we asked our community to raise their paddles to support this idea: Honor Funds. And, to no surprise given the generosity of our amazing community, we quickly raised the money required to design and build this Honor Fund platform.

So it was surreal this past Friday, at our 2015 Consano PDX event, to ask our community (many of whom had attended last year’s event), to again raise their paddles, this time to support my Honor Fund, “Turning (Bad) Lemons Into Lemonade.” To recap, we used the tool funded last year, to raise $57,000, which fully funded my Honor Fund this year, which will help to keep the Consano platform running so we can fund more medical research (with 100% of each donation going exactly where each project donor decides!) for years to come. As I stood on the stage, soaking in the generosity and kindness of our community, I couldn’t help but look around to see if Keanu Reeves was somewhere in the audience, Matrix style!

I hope that you will help us spread the word about this new program. You can take a look at the Honor Funds portion of Consano here, and if you’re interested in seeing my Honor Fund, you can find that here. As most of you have heard me say, it is your stories that inspire me, that fuel my passion. And I hope Honor Funds give you an easy way to share those stories with your community. We have created a simple way to raise money for the research that matters to you while also creating a legacy of love with your story (or that of a loved one) — all without the time or money required to start your own foundation. Take a look and tell us what you think!

And thank you again for your continued love, kindness, generosity and support. Words can’t describe how much you all mean to me!

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