We are incredibly excited to work with Intel’s High Performance Computing Group and the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute to fuel precision medicine for more advanced cancer patients! Intel is donating $25,000 to the FACTS Honor Fund, started by Intel’s Health and Life Sciences global marketing director, Bryce Olson, who was diagnosed with a very aggressive prostate cancer. Bryce turned to molecular testing to find the mutated pathway in his cancer. In partnership with his doctor, Bryce found and qualified for a clinical trial that was targeting his mutated pathway and is 6+ months past the 21 months he was given to live! 

There are many of us missing loved ones this holiday season, taken too soon from cancer. We want to help fuel more outcomes like Bryce’s, to give more families another holiday with their loved ones! Take a look at Bryce’s FACTS Honor Fund here. Intel also put a blog together about the work they are doing in high performance computing (HPC) and artificial intelligence (AI), which are fueling a revolutionary era of computational biomedicine, predictive biology, and personalized healthcare. Big thank you to Intel for pushing the envelope in cancer research as well as giving back to cancer patients! 


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