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"Michael Coviello is Jane Sperry's maternal grandfather. In the process of waiting for a kidney transplant, he was on dialysis for 31/2 years. In that time, he underwent many complication including open heart surgery, sepsis and multiple surgeries. We are lucky to have him with us today!"

Michael Coviello: Kidney Transplant Recepient

Michael is my father and he has a hereditary kidney disease that has yet to find a cure.  He was diagnosed late in life which limited his ability to get some of the preventative resources that would have benefited his condition.  This is a disease that was passed along to me as well.  As a breast cancer survivor, I am also trying to stave off this disease as long as possible.  Although my father received a kidney and has been doing well, he is considered lucky.  He went through 12 years of moderate to severe medical complications and we almost lost him twice.  He daily life was significantly compromised.  There have been strides in finding a cure for this disease, however there has been significant stalls as well.

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We would like to see every child today who has this disease see a cure in their lifetime!!