$2,176 Raised
"We build bridges, offer hard work and prosper. As handmade heroes brought to you by no sponsors."
— The Flobots, Fight With Tools

Dave passed away on November 20th at the age of 78 after a serious auto accident. Thankfully, his family was able to be at his bedside as he peacefully passed away. Dave reached out to so many people, and he was loved by so many people. He built bridges by putting hard work and actions behind his words, and giving until he could give no more. Whether it be to his wife, his sons, the Scouts, or Parkrose, he gave and gave, and the recipients of his giving prospered. He was a handmade hero; he saw needs in his community, and he worked to fill them. Not because he had to, because he wanted to. Because he loved people and he loved his community. He had no sponsors; everything he did came from his heart with no expectation of repatriation or recognition. He didn't need anyone to validate what he did, because he knew what he was doing was genuine and came from a place that didn't need outside approval. It came from his heart. Dave will be remembered forever by all who knew him.

What your Donation Supports

Donations to The Can Man Honor Fund will support prostate cancer research. As many of you know, Dave was living with metastatic cancer before the auto accident that ultimately took his life.