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"Ultimately, it’s less about how much each of us contributes than how many of us do."


As a member of the Oregon Track team, Geoff Hollister would often compete in whichever race would help the team win the meet. Which meant that at times he had little advance warning of how long a race he’d be running, or whether he might be asked to run another race later on—maybe a leg of the relay to help pick up a point or two. In time he came to understand that no matter how much he may have already contributed, his work was never really done until the team had won the meet. And the tougher the opponent, the longer that usually took. 

It’s like that with cancer. Thanks to the contributions of people like you, we’ve racked up a lot of points—over $1 billion worth and counting, in fact for OHSU’s Knight Cancer Center. But cancer is a tough opponent, and while early detection can give us some advance warning of what each of us might face individually—collectively we’ve got more races to run before we can claim victory. Which means it’ll take as many of us continuing to pitch in to help as we can until then. Ultimately, it’s less about how much each of us contributes than how many of us do. Because every point counts—and your leg of the relay just might be the one that wins it for us.  So how about it?  The baton’s here waiting—to carry as far you see fit.

We know what Geoff would do.

What your Donation Supports

Every time we reach our goal, the MeetCancer Network Advisory Board will apply all funds raised to a selected research initiative.