When people think of medical research, they think of the many years it takes to go “from bench to bedside.” Which is a hard timeline to accept when you’ve been impacted by a health issue, or you have a loved one going through a health crisis. From a researcher’s perspective, it is also a long road. The wonderful researchers I’ve had the opportunity to meet and work with on this Consano journey have voiced the same desire to get things done quickly for patients. To make things better. Which has truly shown me that we are all in this together. That is why, it was very exciting to get an update from OHSU Knight Cancer Institute’s Dr. Charles Keller yesterday, showing the result of the nearly $10,000 his lab raised on the Consano platform.

Dr. Keller’s lab purchased a microscope attachment that allows them to further their rhabdomyosarcoma research by: (1) observing the time course of tumor cells fusing with normal stem cells, and (2) testing whether fused cells are more or less capable of establishing tumors than mixed but unfused cells. While the final results of this study are still to be determined, seeing that the money raised on Consano is put to actionable use quickly is very gratifying. It’s a longer road than we would like to get to answers, but to know that we are all in it together, working to make things better, feels good.

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