In the spirit of David Letterman (only far less funny), here are my Top 10 Reasons to join me at the Consano PDX event on Saturday, October 1st in Portland:

#10: The event is presented by Oregon Anesthesiology Group, which means there will be a large number of anesthesiologists on hand ready to intubate at a moment’s notice (safety first).

#9: You get to see what “live” crowdfunding looks like with a really fun crowd.

#8: Deb Knapp from Portland’s KATU will be the emcee. She’s so kind and friendly, and you’ve probably always wanted to meet her in person.

#7: Portland singer-songwriter Annalisa Tornfelt will be performing and her voice is like a warm, fleecy blanket wrapping around your soul. 

#6: The food will be amazing. Jason French of Ned Ludd, Hunt & Gather dinner stations. You will leave full and happy.

#5: Two words: Silent. Auction. Do you like signed Portland Timbers and Thorns jersies? Do you like Tieks? Do you like Brasada Ranch vacations? Do you like wine? Do you like the Portland Trail Blazers? Do you like art? Then you are in for a treat!

#4: Squeezebox mayhem with Jenny Conlee of The Decemberists playing the accordion.

#3: Live recap of all you’ve done to help Consano grow. Because you are amazing!

#2: You will see Dr. Lucy Kalanithi receive our inaugural “Ripples of Hope” award in memory of her late husband and best-selling author of “When Breath Becomes Air,” Paul Kalanithi. Get ready to be inspired by this amazing woman. And you may or may not be receiving your own copy of Paul’s book courtesy of our book sponsor, Regence. (It’s a surprise!)

And the #1 reason you should join me at the Consano PDX event on Saturday, October 1st:

October is my 5-year “cancerversary,” and I want to celebrate the heck out of life with you! 

(You can purchase your tickets here:

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