YouCaring and Consano help people cope with medical crises, and work to save lives through medical research fundraising. YouCaring and Consano share a commitment to supporting families who are faced with medical emergencies. 

YouCaring’s free, online fundraising platform helps people who are grappling with life-changing diagnoses, and at the same time, are struggling financially to get medical care that they might not otherwise be able to afford. Through the power of social networks and word-of-mouth communication, YouCaring’s campaigns reach people all over the world, who want to help each other through some of life’s scariest moments.



YouCaring Fundraiser, See Kristan Run

YouCaring believes in compassionate crowdfunding, the use of online fundraising technologies and social networks to make the world a better, kinder place. From over $266,000 raised for Anthony Carbajal in his battle with ALS, to $105,000 raised for little Lyla Theoharides in her struggle against pediatric cancer, the YouCaring community comes together to raise substantial funds for people who need treatment. More than any specific number raised, YouCaring is most proud of the community it’s cultivated, of generous people who give what they can in order to ensure the wellbeing of others, sometimes people they’ve never even met.


YouCaring provides an opportunity for patients and families to share their stories with their social networks and the world. Through comment features and testimonials alongside donations, you can offer words of encouragement and sympathy to other families in similar circumstances, or you can start your own fundraiser in honor of a loved one. Support doesn’t always come in the form of financial assistance; by sharing your experiences of suffering and fortitude, you can provide hope to those who need it most.


YouCaring Fundraiser, Help Kristina Wahl Conquer Scleroderma


Consano’s unique approach to fund medical researchers across many health categories complements YouCaring’s global effort to help people use medical crowdfunding to pay medical bills. Both make it possible to pay a tribute to a loved one, and honor them by organizing a medical research fundraiser that allows others the chance to benefit from new, possibly life-changing research. Setting up a campaign in honor of a friend or family member can be a crucial step in the healing process, as well. 


YouCaring provides material support and also meaningful emotional and social connections for people who struggle with coming to terms with a diagnosis or a loss. If you or someone you know needs to raise money for medical bills, or you want to honor a loved one by bolstering medical research, consider fundraising on their behalf. We invite you to join our community by starting a fundraiser today.

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